• 1200W COB LED Panel Grow Light: LED output Power: 1200W , Actual Power Consumption: 360W , 6PCS*200W high intensityCOB(64*3W chip on board), Working Temperature: -20 to 50 ℃,
  • Grow tent: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar, heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth, diameter16MM white paint coated metal rods and 16MM plastic corners ,
  • 6" fan &filter &ducting &combo: Filter/6" Flange: 18"H x 10"D, 950 Iodine Adsorption Value, Coal Based activated carbon; Fan/120V60HZ; 174Watt; 1.45A; 2780RPM; 460CFM; duct φ6" * 25FT, Galvanized steel Clamps
  • Suitable for various stage of plant growing, Featuring a user friendly "Full Spectrum" design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination, seedling, veg, flower
  • Package: with three separated boxes, discreet package

1200W COB LED Grow Light 

Input (V):AC100-AC240V
Wavelength Range:380~800nm
Lifetime:50000 hours
Application: Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables
size(L x W x H):500 x 330 x 110 mm
High PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration 
Plants grow faster and flower bigger: Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (380-800nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Blooming
Powerful Cooling fan system inside, Cool and Quieter
Revolutionary Heat Aluminum PCB, Run 80% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights 
All LEDs with a Zener to ensure One LED Goes Out the Rest Continue to Operate 
LED output Power: 1200W 
Actual Power Consumption: 360W 
6PCS*200W high intensity COB(64*3W chip on board) 
view Angle: 120 degree Reflector 
9 Bands for Indoor Plants Growth & Flower 
Spectrum of Light: 28pcs 660nm 16pcs 640nm;8pcs 440nm;4pcs 460nm;4pcs 470nm;2pcs 525nm;2pcs 730nm

Grow Tent
96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar
heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
Frame: 16MM (dia )white paint coated metal rods 
16MM (dia) sturdy plastic corners
Large heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks. 

6" Fan Filter Combo 
Carbon Filter: 
18"H x 9"D
Iodine Adsorption Value: 950 (High efficiency) 
1.5” Carbon Layer 
Specific Surface Area: 900-1000 square meter per gram
Max. Endurable Temperature: 400 degrees Celsius (Safer) 
Operating Environment Temperature: -20 to 65 degrees Celsius
zinc-anodized steel housing mesh
use Coal Based activated carbon
Machine packed carbon enables 100% filtered air flow. Fan: 
120V60HZ; 174Watt; 1.45A; 2780RPM; 460CFM
Come completely wired with junction box, strain relief and power cord
φ6" * 25FT duct

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TopoGrow 1200W LED Full Spectrum COB Grow Light+48"X48"X80" Indoor Grow Tent +6" Fan&Filter&Duct Combo Plant Growing Flower Veg Replace MH HPS

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