Using a timer to automate lighting for your plants adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. 
Timers are also essential for all hydroponic system applications. 

15 minute On/Off
24 Hour Cycle
Dual timer - controls two outlets simultaneously
Easy to use
15 amps
Specs: Max Wattage 1800W; Max Current 15A/120V/60Hz
Use for indoor sprinklers, lights, heating systems, Cooling systems, 
hydroponic systems, and other electronics. 
Package includes: 
1x Dual timer

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TopoGrow Analog 24 Hour Plug in Dual 110V Heavy Duty Electrical Outlet Grounded Hydroponic Grow Light Timer

  • Brand: TopoGrow
  • Product Code: DOT001A
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $16.28